Never Alone (Part 7)

Hi, and welcome to part 7 of "Never Alone" I'm sure you will enjoy this if not I would enjoy to see your critiziam (No really, and I don't think I spelled that right)

Hi, and welcome to part 7 of "Never Alone" I'm sure you will enjoy this if not I would enjoy to see your critiziam (No really, and I don't think I spelled that right).

Created by: xbox360fan

  1. I finally snapped out my transe, and jumped up I was worried not scared, but worried they are two different thing's. I looked around, and headed to the door I opened it, and walked down the stair's I was cautious though I was still kinda creeped out by the dream that's why I was so cautious.
  2. I almost ran into the statue of a rainbow colored Llama that people call Earl I don't know why they have it, but they do. I sighed, and walked past it I rubed my head, and headed into the kitchen so i could pig out on food I'm suprised at how I manage to stay skinny yet my stomach has no end it to food. There was nothing in the fridge or nothing to cook, and I groaned, and walked outside to Prince who wasn't there come to think of it no one was here.
  3. I sighed, and layed down on the soft grass stareing at the sky never thought I would stare at the sky before, but hey well thing's change. It then dawned on me that I was no longer at the ranch house what the hell how could I miss that, but Earl aka rainbow Llama was there that must have been there to trick my brain no wonder there was no forest or no animal's, but where am I? It doesn't look like I'm in Georgia anymore.
  4. Maybe I'm in New York it certainly look's like it I sighed, and stood up once more, and my way to the border of the city actually I was right outside the city cool right? No not cool considering I'm far away from home the only state I've been to other then Georgia was Flordia, and South Carolina, but there closer together so ya.
  5. I was confused there's no way I can fly well I could, but my wing is well spraned I sighed maybe I could walk? No I can't do that maybe I can travel underground? No well let's see my option's. Travel Underground. Walking. Trying To Fly Despite My Wing. Going Into The City.
  6. I chose going into the city so I did most of the guy's here were staring at me because me being a guardian angel, and all I'm hard to ignore I hate that though I know most people would kill to become like me though. That's it I forgot if someone killed me my power's, and my guardian angel feature's would go to that person maybe I can pay someone to kill me ya that's it. I walked through the city looking for anyone that would be nice enough to help, but that might not happen since this is New York.
  7. I stopped at an old run down motel this is just going to have to do unles I go back to that other place, but I don't know who live's there, or maybe I do, and just don't remember? I sighed, and ran back from where I cam ignoring everyone as I ran some people would try to stop me, but they all failed at this I just wish people would leave me alone.
  8. I continued to run until I reached the place, but it was gone ok am I going insane or something because I could of swore that house was there unless I took a wrong turn maybe, but I remember this, this is still where I layed down like I can literaly see the spot where I layed it well basically printed It's self onto the ground strange because I was gone for a while the grass should have went back to It's normal shape by now.
  9. I was trying to figure out if someone else layed there while I was gone, but I saw, and heard nothing. Strange I'm right outside the city, and I can't see or hear nothing just then I appeared back at the ranch house this time outside of it. I saw Prince, and he instantly galloped over to me he seemed to be happy that I returned, and I leaned against him for support I then hopped onto his back, and galloped into the forest I gripped onto his mane so I wouldn't fall off.
  10. He stopped at the cave he led me to that one time I was confused on why he did this I guess it was because the guy's are here. No wait maybe not because I don't see them ok then why did he bring me here. I stayed on his back as he trotted into the cave the cave then closed up, and sat there were Knight, Bear, Blue, Solo, Snow, and Shep, but the guy's nope not here oh well I guess It's better this way, but I'm curious of to where they are.
  11. Have to end it there well anyway's I got to get going because It's storming badly where I live, and the internet connection may go out soon I hate storm's. Want to know the order of the state's cause I got time lol.
  12. Order of the 50 state's. 1st Delaware,2nd Pennsylvania,3rd New Jersey,4th Georgia,5th Connecticut,6th Massachusetts,7th Maryland,8th South Carolina,9th New Hampshire,10th Virginia,11th New York,12th North Carolina,13th Rhode Isand,14th Vermont,15th Kentucky,16th Tennessee,17th Ohio,18th Louisiana,19th Indiana,20th Mississippi,21st Illinois,22nd Alabama,23rd Maine,24th Missouri,25th Arkansas,26th Michigan,27th Florida,28th Texas,29th Iowa,30th Wisconsin,31st California,32nd Minnesota,33rd Oregon,34th Kansas,35th West Virginia,36th Nevada,37th Nebraska,38th Colorado,39th North Dakota,40th South Dakota,41st Montana,42nd Washington,43rd Idhao,44th Wyoming,45th Utah,46th Oklahoma,47th New Mexico,48th Arizona,49th Alaska,and 50th Hawaii
  13. Who do you like?

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