Never Alone (Part 4)

Hallo, and welcome to part 4 of Never Alone. Thank's to destinyrose we also have a new character so everyone say thankyou to destinyrose :P

Created by: xbox360fan
  1. It seemed like hour's when I was thinking which it probaly was. I had a problem with thinking because I would get so lost in thought that I will forget about time. I tucked the letter into my pocket as I leaned my back against one of the wall's looking around.
  2. I lifted my head as someone turned around the corner he looked new to school. I examined him for a moment, and saw he had brown hair, and blue eye's I figured he was new here because of the way he dressed we don't dress like he does down in Georgia, so I figured he was probaly from up north. It took a while for him to notice me he seemed normal to me unlike the other's I have met I sat there as if I didn't notice him.
  3. He walked over to me, and sat down next to me. He seemed normal unlike the other's I have met lately I started playing with the dog tag's around my neck that belonged to my great great grandpa who fought in world war 1, and world war two they where normal dog tag's except they had the word's "Never Alone" encrytped into it. I was started to get creeped out since the note, my dad said, and my great great grandpa's dog tag's say the word's "Never Alone" I got inturupted from my thought's "Hi I'm Evan.You are?" I heard him say I lifted my head, and thought for a moment I never really told anyone my name, but I decided I would "I'm Coal. Spelled like this, c.o.a.l don't get it mixed up" I said. Evan nodded, and he noticed I was listening to a song "What song are you listening to?" Evan asked I looked at him "I'm listening to Tear's Don't Fall by Bullet For My Valentine" I said Evan nodded "Oh you like that band?" Evan said clearly in disbeilef. I frowned, and took my headphone's out my ear's, and also took them out my ipod so it would play outloud. Big mistake. I forgot there was a hidden microphone in the libary that picked up any sound, and the song was playing through speaker's all around the school I instantly turned off my ipod, and put it in my backpack I frowned, and grabed Evan's arm leading him to a part of the libary no one, but me knew about.
  4. I let go of his arm as we got there "Be quiet" I told Evan. I heard the student's, and teacher's talking about where the music came from, but Evan's phone went off, and I facepalmed my self as I pushed him out the hideing place into the back of the crowd so he wouldn't get caught. The principal came over to me "Ms.Walker!? What are you doing here?!" He said "Well let's see completely ignoring you" I said "Mr.Blue take her to my office" I heard him say to one of the student's. Turn's out who he was talking about was the one that slipped me the note, and I sighed, and followed him as I heard snicker's, and faint laugh's from the other student's. He had a smirk on his face as I followed him "So you think this is funny?" I asked him he slightly nodded I muttered something under my breath, and saw my chance to bolt so well I did I was faster them him, but the limp in my leg made me slower. I got the limp when I broke my leg, but I didn't go to the hospital so it healed on It's own, but caused to me have a limp whenever I walked or run. I braced my self for impact as he cut me off, but instead I made a sharp turn. I thought I lost him, but I was wrong he managed to catch up to me, and grab my arm "Where do you think your going" he mumbled clearly not that much of a talker. I sighed "I never did catch your name" I said "And I never caught your's" he mumbled. He led me to the principal's office where the other's where there, and I groaned in annoyance Evan was there to although he seem's normal I bet he Isn't normal I sighed as I thought that. I sat down in the rolling chair, and started spinning around in it becoming dizzy feeling as if I was about to throw up, but I kept spinning. I felt them staring at me, but I didn't care I'm used to it. After a while I did end up throwing up in a trash can of course.
  5. I sighed, and grabed a bottle of water out the mini fridge the prinicipal has in his office I then rinsed out my mouth, and spit it into the sink I then drunk the remaining water. Everyone was still staring "Damn it! Will you stop staring at me!!" I yelled "How about you fu-- off we can do what we want!!!" I heard Avery yell. I muttered something under my breath, and time froze as I walked out the room, and out of the school I sat down at the back of the school, and unfroze time
  6. I was there alone I saw Avery, but he quickly walked away. I sighed in relief, but hoped he wouldn't tell the other's
  7. I heard of the legend about spring-heeled jack so I didn't want to be alone at night so I made my way back into the forest, and sat down under a tree waiting, and listening
  8. I was hoping they wouldn't find me because I didn't want to be found I liked it peaceful here where I was, but I had to leave the forest sometime or another.
  9. I ended up sitting here alone until night fall I then stood up, and went back to the hayloft hoping Kameron is there, but instead I found his throat ripped out I held back my tear's as I picked up his cross necklace, and on the back of it, it had the same word's "Never Alone" I put it on while stumbling backward's. "I need answer's" I mumbled I ended up stumbling into something/someone
  10. I jumped off the person/thing, and I saw it was Nick with a wide smile on his face I frowned, and walked off, but before I could I blacked out.
  11. I woke up on a couch, and groaned rubbing my forehead I was in a living room normally when I read book's, and what not the girl get's put in a room. Well this Isn't a book It's real. I sighed, and sat up looking around I found that Knight was curled up next to me, and as soon as I moved he hopped onto my shoulder. I was wondering where I was since I of course didn't know then came in walking of course the guy's I groaned again this time in annoyance. "Just hear us out please" Kyle said "and why should I?" I asked "Because we need you to listen" Kyle said I sighed, and I finally agreed
  12. You learned that Kyle was a shape shifter, and could control magic, but he has no other power's
  13. You learned that Nick was know as spring-heeled jack, and that he could breath blue flame's, and jump amazing height's, and distance's he also can read mind's
  14. You learned Avery was a shadow demon, but betrayed his own kind. You also learned that he could control fire, fly, and teleport
  15. You learned that Zanary was a mix between a werewolf, vampire, dragon, and griffon. He can drain people's energy if he has to, he can control ice, and he can of course turn into a dragon, or griffon
  16. You never learned about Evan though you wish you had though.

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