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  • it says im 7% nerd. i am not like super nerdy, but i am extra smart and everybody gets worried about a test if i am. im cool , but im in chess, scrabble, beta, robotics, and lots of other nerdy type clubs. im just athletic to go with it.

  • 0%. Wow. First off, I don't play lacrosse. I play tennis. Second, I've never had a girlfriend. I was shy as a kid, and I'm still shy. I've never kissed anyone. And I'm actually quite nerdy. By the way, I'm 13.

  • i am tottaly a girl nerd. This stuff is critism i don't think u should judge poeple like that. it says to do something are you trying to take the nerd title away? NEVER! BOOK POWER!!!

  • the correct answer would be mostly nerd i have only had two gf's and i get awesome grades and i dont play cod

  • Sooo... How come nerds are bad? I'm a HUGE nerd, but no one makes fun of me (except for the douches in class) and everyone seems to like me. so f--- you.


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