Nerd Or Not?? see if your a nerd

man why is this here im not trying to wine or. this one hundred and fifty letter thing sucks just dont bother reading this if you do your a wierdo hah

This is a huge waste of time 150 words For no reason at all is the worst thing a person could ever do to someone god this sucks Well good work to most people

Created by: Marshall

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  1. Are you a Nerd??
  2. Are you a Cool guy?? this is a part of the quiz (Just making sure your cool)
  3. You are wasting your time i have no clue what to type now.... Is this fun??
  4. Are you a video game expert/master/god??
  5. Do you have a girlfriend/Boyfriend??
  6. Do you like dogs??
  7. Whats you best friend?? A Guy or girl?
  8. Why do i have to have 12 Questions??
  9. one question left after this one what should it be about??
  10. Finally LAST ONE...

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Quiz topic: Nerd Or Not?? see if my a nerd