what kind of nerd are you?

Everyone has an inner nerd, but some of us don't believe that we have this inner personality. Or maybe we do and we just don't realize it. A nerd is a smart person with glasses right?

WRONG! So now that you've learned the truth, are you still certain you're not a nerd? Take this quiz to see which one you are and don't forget to rate. Or maybe comment... Anyway, have fun and check out "Which Mario Character are you?" and "Which Scorch Trials Character are you?", all by Alicia.

Created by: purplepink01
  1. Who gave the United States the statue of liberty?
  2. The classic question but I need to ask it: DO YOU WEAR GLASSES?
  3. What is your style of clothing?
  4. Pick one as if reading a book (I MADE THEM UP)
  5. What is Pokemon?
  6. Do you know who Rick Riordan is?
  7. Choose one
  8. How many friends do you have in school/ at work?
  9. If someone tells you something mean, you:
  10. Goodbye
  11. I would give this quiz a...

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Quiz topic: What kind of nerd am I?