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in the world,there are many people that really are smart at a lot of things and some of those things can be mangas,books,and other many different type of genre thats why almost everybody in the world like to read and learn what they are reading about sooo it is a pretty fun thing to do after a while.also its a pretyy fun thing because you can always join in book clubs and other interesting things to do

the question i wanted to know was,are u a geniuos? because you can test yourself on my naruto full test quiz and tell you almost everything about naruto because as a matter of fact it is pretty fun manga wich every loves and gets to enjoy it.... alsoooo amny people just like reading other things like bleah,one piece and other sorts of stufff in their own way

Created by: mauricio of narutoquizzes
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  1. who was the one who killed the third hokage?
  2. when sasuke was leaving for orochimaru,who was the one that tryed to stop him?
  3. who is the brother of garra of the sand?
  4. who is orochimarus henchmen?
  5. who is another survivor from the uchiha clan except for itachi and sasuke?
  6. how many tails does narutos demon have?
  7. who does sasuke kill when he is older?
  8. who is the trainer of rock lee?
  9. who has a big crush on naruto?
  10. who is the real leader of the akatsuki?

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