Naruto Character Test

This is the most waickest naruto character test ever even if you answer this and you like you are carzy wait does that make sense well i sleepy and i doing this in midnight so whatever on the next on i'm gonna skip lines

damn it i can't space no! that really sucks u know i need 150 but it is so hard mad well i just hope you enjoy this and please do not quit in the middle thank you

Created by: masterphilipla14

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  1. What do u do when someone in a bush comes out and attack you?
  2. What is your favorite jutsu
  3. You see choji u said...
  4. random question danzo is the sixth hokage and he ahs a arm of sharingan's your reply
  5. Naruto vs. Sasuke
  6. viviviviviviviviviviiviviviviviv
  7. Ed or AL
  8. What volume are u in naruto?
  9. U see a monster what do u do?
  10. the last question

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