What do you know about Naruto Uzumaki?

There are many people who are true fans of Naruto. Sadly, not all people know him well enough. Some are little fans and some think he is just an idiot. Don't let his personality fool you. He is strong beyond belief.

Are you a fan of Naruto? If you want to know take the test and see if you can meet him if you have a certain score. If not, Sakura will find you and force you to take the test. Cha!

Created by: Hotaru Youton
  1. How old is Naruto in the beginning of the series?
  2. What jutsu did he use when he failed in the first three exams?
  3. What does the name Naruto mean?
  4. What element does Naruto posess?
  5. Who first acknowledged Naruto as himself?
  6. Which female ninja has a crush on Naruto?
  7. What is Naruto's blood type?
  8. What demon does Naruto posess?
  9. What is his birthday?
  10. In what location when the demon cloak posessed his body?
  11. What is Naruto's favorite food?
  12. How many tails can come out in the demon cloak before Naruto loses control of himself.
  13. What is Naruto's specialty justu?
  14. Who does Naruto have a crush on?

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Quiz topic: What do I know about Naruto Uzumaki?