Are you ure you know naruto test?

There are many people that think they are real fans of Naruto. And I learned that some of those people are just posers. So I created a little mini test to see if some people can get these easy questions.

That said are YOU A REAL NARUTO FAN? Or are you just a poser? Come on and take this test of some easy quetions to find out. In just a few minutes you will know once and for all!

Created by: Alysia
  1. What is Gaara's last name? (easy)
  2. What village was Zabuza and Haku from?
  3. Who is Lee's eternal rival
  4. What is the name of Gaara's demon?
  5. Who is Kiba, Shino, and Hinata's sensai?
  6. Who was Kakashi's sensai?
  7. Who can summon Pakkun?
  8. Like Naruto wich sanin is tied to the post after the bell test?
  9. What does Kiba mean in english?
  10. Who's name can translate into red
  11. Who in the Leaf village besides Sasuke have the curse mark?
  12. Who was Anko's former sensai?
  13. Who created the Rasengan?
  14. Who was originally chosen to be the 5th Hokage?

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Quiz topic: Am I ure you know naruto test?