name the hip hop artist

Do you know your hip hop? Take this quiz and find out. Do you know who sang what? How bout who rapped what? Which artist did sang what? so anyways take this quiz

After completing this quiz, maybe you can find out about some songs you had forgotten about. Maybe you will realize you don't know too much about certain hip hop songs. Hope you enjoy!!

Created by: yanna
  1. Name who sang/rapped the song"Emotion"
  2. Guess"Unfaithful"
  3. Guess"Lay My Organs"
  4. Guess"Let's Call It Off"
  5. Guess"Licking My Fingers "
  6. Guess"Don't Believe Em"
  7. Guess"By My Side"
  8. Guess"You Pulled Me Through"
  9. Guess"first love"
  10. Guess"Crybaby"
  11. Guess"Fight"

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