name that tv show theme song

There are alot of tv shows out there in tv land! do you watch the same shows i do? If you do do you pay attion to the theme songs! if you dont you should

Are you awesome and pay attion to the theme songs? Are you theme song smarticles? Take this quiz to find out! See if we are alike when it comes to t.v.

Created by: Degrassi girl

  1. What show is this... Hangin out down the street same old thing we did last week
  2. Who sings the shake it up theme song
  3. name this show... what ever it takes i know i can make it through
  4. Got a secret can you keep it well this one you say
  5. Got a secret can you keep it well this one you say
  6. which tv shows theme song is survivor
  7. what is the name of glees theme song
  8. what is the name of vampire diaries theme song
  9. dont look back dont heisitate come on what you gotta lose?
  10. which theme song ends in cause one of thems dead?

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