Name that Tune!!!

You could wonder for months where you rank when it comes to amazing power of pop music. You could sit in your chair thinking, am I really a true pop genius?

Well its time to get out of chair and do this quick quiz!! I apologize for all the pop music but its very powerful. Thanks agin and well done for deciding to take this quiz!

Created by: Danni

  1. Open up a smile on another face
  2. They say be afraid, your not like the others
  3. How could I live knowing that I let love go
  4. Its like a work of art that never gets to see the light
  5. For a smile they can share all night
  6. I came up here to rock light a fire make it hot
  7. Bad, bad woman thats just what you are
  8. Be for I fall too fast, kiss me quick but make it last
  9. Get on the dance floor music said I wanted more
  10. Your always making me blush

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