Nacar numbers (10 questions)

There are many people out there that watch Nascar. Did kyou know it good enough to take this numbers quiz? All this quiz asks is the numbers of who drove what car. Good Luck!

Are you a genuis with nascar numbers? Do you know what number belongs to what driver? Take this quiz and you will find out what you have. Rather you know the drivers numbers or not. have fun.

Created by: Tana

  1. Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s Amp Chevrolet has what number on it?
  2. What number is Anthony Wayne "Tony" Stewart's Home Depot Toyota?
  3. During the 2001 season, race car driver Dale Jarrett became the driver of what number UPS Ford?
  4. What is the number on multiple NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series champion Jeff Gordon's Chevrolet Monte Carlo?
  5. What number is Ryan Newman's Alltel, Mobil Oil Dodge Charger?
  6. The #18 NASCAR car has been driven by this IROC 2001 winner? Is not the current driver of this number!
  7. What number is on Kyle Petty's, Petty Enterprises vehicle?
  8. Throughout his career, Dale Earnhardt only drove the #3 car
  9. What number is Ricky Rudd's racing car, sponsored by Motorcraft and the United States Air Force?
  10. The 38 car is the only car Elliot Sadler has ever driven in the Cup series.

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