Mystery Solvers 3

Please stay tune for part 4. I really hope you like this one, just wait there is more to come. Please comment and rate on htis please. No hate comment!

I have no idea why they have us write two paragraph. Like it's annoying. Im very tired. So yeah. Stay tune for part 4. It's going to be good. Okay bye.

Created by: magicmovement

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  1. You fall down the steps. He comes closer and closer. What do you? You can't move.
  2. Then everything goes black.
  3. You have this werid dream. You see a baby asleep. You hear yelling from a man and a woman. "Please stop!" she says. "No you b****!" he says. Then he hits her.
  4. Now the baby is older, like 16. You see the man and woman again. Who are they?
  5. You realize that it's you and your parnets. They always use to fight. You see them get into the car. They drive to a woods. "Are you ready?" your mom says. "Yeah" your dad says. Then they pull out guns and shot each other.
  6. You wake up, it's saturday.
  7. "Why would they kill each other?" you wonder.
  8. Wait, where's the man that attack me? Is he still in my house?
  9. What if he is, he will kill me!
  10. You have two choices....
  11. To go see if the man is still her.
  12. Or jump out the window..
  13. CHOSE WISELY...if you wanna live. Find ou t in Mystery Solvers 4

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