Mystery Solvers

Stay tune for part 2. It's coming soon I hope you liked the first one just wait till part 2. Thank so much. Please rate and comment. I work very hard.

I dont know why they have us write two paragraghs that dont a thing. It's stupid im done, it takes to long. Alright im done but i dont have enough words.

Created by: magicmovement

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  1. Your a girl so if your a guy please leave. Your name is Hunter Martin. You are 16 years old. You live alone since your parnets are missing. It's werid they left one day and never came back. You always thought they abandon you.
  2. Well it's been hard dealing with that pain but that's not the only thing. You and your boyfreind,Ross brokeup. You two dated for 8 years. But it's all cool be cause you two decided to be freinds.
  3. "Hunter,are you okay?" ask Juilius. He's been your freind since 3 grade. "Yeah im fine" you say. "Are you sure?" he says. "Yeah" you say with a fake smile. "Hey guys!" says Alex. You know her since 3 grade too. "Hey where have you been?" you ask. "Sorry im late" she says. "Hey Hunter wanna spend a night at my house?" Alex ask. "No ill be fine alone." you say. "Come on Hunter, you need to relax and get out the house." she says. "How can i relax when my parnets might be dead and im....!" you yell. "You're what?" says Juilius. "Never mind." you say.
  4. After school you decide to call Ross. "Hey" you say. "Hey what's up?" he says. "Oh nothing really, i just wanted to talk to you." you say. "Talk about what?" he ask. "I love you and that love just won't go away." you say crying. "I still love you." he says. "Do you wanna date again?" you ask. "Yeah" he says. "Ok, bye" he says. "Bye" you say.
  5. Why didn't i tell him? you wonder. Cold tears run down your cheeks.
  6. You were get ready to go over Alex house until someone bangs on you door. Do you open it?
  7. Well you open it anyways. A man with black jumps on you. You kick and scream. He duck tapes your hands, mouth and legs. Then everything goes black.
  8. You wake up naked and hand cuffed to your bed. You see him coming closer and closer to you! Wait what's in his hand?
  9. A knife!!!!
  10. Did you live or die? Find out in Mystery Solvers 2

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