Mysterious & Unexpected Events Part One

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Okay My name is Aria. I'm the author of "A Simple Hogwarts Story," Haha, I have to go. I am very tired.! Ahh.....this is weird. Are you sleepy? I'm sleepy

I´m still alive but I´m Barely breathing Just praying to God That i don´t believe in "˜Cause I got time while he got freedom Cause when a heart Breaks, no it don´t break even

Created by: Aria

  1. Being a girl of fourteen and lacking adventure, I would casually go to the library with my iPod, play background music and read my favourite books. The background music made it seem more like a movie. The librarian, Ms Rasheeda is a wonderful and caring woman. Almost all of the time I would spend it in the library and fall into slumber. My dreams would include strange things with a greasy haired man telling me it's not safe. I never wondered what it meant. Rarely would I dream my mother and my father. After the death of my mother, my father got a new girlfriend. It was a month after my mother died so that made me think he never loved her. His girlfriend lives with us, unfortunately and she's irritating. I tried to overlook the fact that she's a vain git but then again, cockroaches are never good. Skylar Rockford- seducing and wonderful as her name sounds; she's truly a snobby obnoxious "garden tool." That's my point of view of her. Skylar would try to rule my life or get me into loads of trouble and it's unbelievable because my father is so blinded by her seducing him, he believes all the crap she's got to say. Oh! I forgot to introduce myself. Intro- Violet Lily Snape. Unfortunately enough again, we have to move to Toronto in the morning because Skylar got a new job. Today is my last day in California. As I walked down the cobblestone path, the fresh scent of cinnamon buns filled my nostrils. I pleasantly looked to my right and there stood my heaven, the library; my place to escape from this treacherous and torturous world. I observed the old building. It looked quite normal from the outside and only a few would enter but inside, you're exposed to a world of magical beings, adventures with the world's famous sorcerers and enchanted castles. It was the only world I truly believed and belonged in.
  2. As I entered, the fresh smell of new books filled up my insides like happiness. Madam Rasheeda said to me, "Dear, I am very sorry to hear that you are leaving tomorrow first thing in the morning so I got a series of books lined up for you. It's on the last table of your favourite shelf. You don't need to return them." Her bright blue eyes filled with tears and I knew why. Madam Rasheeda has known me since I was a baby. I hugged her and I ended up being emotional as well. After about ten minutes or so, I regained my composure and walked slowly to my favourite shelf. My heart dropped as I saw someone in my favourite spot on the floor. I was in complete shock. He turned my astonished expression and muttered emotionlessly, "Um, you okay?" I replied, "Sorry. It sort of shocked me that anyone would sit in that spot. It's my favourite spot. The temperature and the smell of new books regulates in that spot. That's why I love it so much." I finished more lamely than I thought I would and he stood up, confused but polite. I smiled, "My name is Violet Lily Snape," as I took his hand. He replied, "I'm Charlie Lane." The name stirred in my memory. Where did I hear that name before? Then, his voice filled with excitement, "Oh my godric! Violet, it's me Charlie! Don't you remember me?"
  3. I stood grounded on the spot. I think I know him but I can't remember from where. I spluttered, "Ummm..." Sadness dawned upon his face, almost close to tears, "Violet. I-I can't believe this. We were best friends until fourth grade when you chose to lime with the populars." Oh, my red rosy cheeks turned even possible, redder with embarrassment. "Yeah, I remember you Charlie. I'm sorry for...abandoning you." This history upon us that filled the air was awkward. Slightly joyful, he said, "It's really good to see you Vi. Maybe we can hang out today? I'm leaving the country tomorrow. I'm heading for Toronto." My heart lifted! I ALSO remembered that Charlie's parents work with Skylar. I squeaked, "Me too!" "Wow..." "Yeah." There was a lovely silence after that. I took out a peculiar book named "˜Hogwarts, A History' and started reading. I was soaked into all the magical descriptions of the world. I looked up from the book for some unknown reason and another book caught my eye: Rise and Fall Of The Dark Arts. It was the top shelf and as I grabbed it, I stumbled and fell right on top of Charlie. I blushed, "Sorry." (Author's note: I know I haven't put a description of Charlie but just go along with it). Today was a little more interesting than I expected. I took Charlie's number and vice versa. As I arrived at the doorstep of my house, Skylar's cold voice rang through my ears, "Where were you?" I spat, "None of your business." Her mouth was by my ears and her breath smelled really bad. I had to deal with this every day. -.- She pulled me by my ears inside and forcefully asked, "Where were you?" I muttered, "The library." She snorted and I retorted, "What? Never heard of such a place? I wouldn't be surprised. Your intelligence is way below animal knowledge." She looked at me with pure venom in her voice, "Don't you dare speak to me like that!" Before I could respond, my father walked through the door, "Hey sweetheart." He kissed Skylar. It was a disgusting sight. I'd rather have my eyes eaten by a snake than see that. He turned to me and said, "You will be taking the First Class Airline Ticket because there's only one." I was practically screaming and jumping for joy inside but my facial expression was clueless. It was funny! I'll be without Skylar for four hours." Then, he reached into his bag and handed me a Kindle. I stuttered, "W-what's this for?" He told me, "I know how you enjoy reading. Well Pip Pip! Go to bed!" "Oh," was all I could mutter before rushing up to my room.
  4. As I slammed my room door, I pondered on the thought of my father trying to buy my love or was he really being nice? The first, I think. He was the man with the common brown eyes, the messy black hair and unruly behaviour. He was nothing like a father. Sometimes, I wonder if he's really my father or not. Strange right? The reason behind this weird question is I look nothing like my father, we do nothing alike, and our personalities are completely different. I slouched on my bed, tired as hell. I picked up the only photo of my mother, she had red hair, emerald eyes and a beautiful smile. "Lily, lovely lily," I always hear someone mutter when talking about her. mother. Why? Why was this catastrophe befall upon me? Why did I have to lose my mother? Personally, I think that this was injustice. Suddenly, I heard tapping on my window. Groaning, I got up to see what it was. "A bird. Oh great." As I fell onto my bed, I was in deep slumber. My weird dream was a man running down a squirrel and he turned into a cheese which a mouse was going to eat but then the mouse turned into Batman who turned into Gandalf who turned into Donald Trump and the cheese turned into Justin Beaver- I mean Bieber. Sorry, LOL. I awoke to Skylar shaking me, "Kid, we're going London instead. Toronto had a bad bomb attack." Groggily, I opened my eyes, "What?" I said, completely unaware of what was going on. She shouted, "Get up! We have guests coming over so I suggest you dress appropriately."
  5. What was going on? Did she just say we're going to London? Why am I supposed to go downstairs? Ahhh! These questions are hurting my brain, which couldn't process all this drama at the moment. I got up, washed my face and asked my father who stood in the hallway, "What's the time Greg?" It was the second time I showed my father disrespect right to his face. He gave me a stern look and replied, "it's 7:00p.m. Hurry up and take a shower," and with that, he headed down the stairs in his suit and tie. Stupid man. Omg! I almost forgot! Skylar said we're going to London! This wasn't only my moment to shine, it was my moment to breakdance! Yes, I breakdance. London is THE most wonderful place with so many mysteries to be solved. From what I read, in all sorts of books, the Ministry of Magic is located in London. Yes, I do believe in magic and I do believe I am a "˜muggle.' Muggle is the term to refer to non-magic folk. I read a lot of adventurous books about this kid who has to save the wizarding world every time. He goes to Hogwarts, has messy black hair, green eyes, and wears glasses with a lightning shaped scar worn like a crown! His name- Harry Potter (; There's only four books, and for those who thinks that Twilight is better than Harry Potter, they've been sadly misinformed. Oh to the well! London is my dream country if you're wondering. I was so caught up in my thoughts, I hadn't even notice Skylar was leading a few people into our home. I suddenly snapped back to reality and went to shower. I changed into a dress, unfortunately.(Author's note: The dress is in the pic) I dyed my hair black and it had pink highlights so I let it loose. It was passed my shoulders. My eyes looked as green as ever. Usually, my hair was red but when I dyed it, I was feeling a bit rebellious.
  6. Again, I was unceremoniously interrupted by my father. He escorted me down the marble staircase. I carefully walked down the steps, my shoes clanking due to it being a high heels. Everyone's heads turned in my direction. One particularly stood out. He had dirty blonde hair, piercing black eyes which were mysterious, I thought and a dashing smile. I studied his facial features and he struck me as the "player type." Skylar put on a fake smile which I defined to be vindictive and beckoned me to sit next to the boy. They must be awfully rich if they came to my house for a meeting. Dad usually earns 98,000 dollars a month. I rudely took my seat next to the guy, my phone in my hand. He smiled, "My name is Stephan Wilde. It's an honour to actually meet you. My parents are always talking about you." His voice was as smooth as the wind, it was as though he controlled the movement of the wind. I sarcastically said, "Oh, it's my pleasure." Skylar shot me a death glare and I returned it by mouthing, "Arsehole." Skylar said, "Everyone, I'm sure you know by now that this is my lovely step daughter to be." By her tone, I just knew she had trouble saying lovely and step daughter in one sentence, referring to me. No one seemed to notice the tension in her voice and thankfully I missed half of her speech. She ended with, "Toronto is just too dangerous." They were talking about "˜vessels' and other things I really didn't take on. Suddenly a great topic popped up, "So Violet, what do you think about the environmental project we're working on?" I smirked. Do they really want my opinion on this? I stated, "First of all, Mister Wilde, I think that the name of the project stinks. Name is HSE. HSE stands for Health Safety and Environment. Secondly, the person you put in charge is my friend's mom so I think you'll succeed." They were all in shock and I smiled to myself. As if on cue, my blackberry torch beeped. Embarrassed, my father said, "No phones at the table Violet." I nodded, put it on silent and read the text. It was from Charlie. I could see Stephan peering over to read my text, almost trying to break his neck. He was fifteen, why would he care what I did? It said, "Vi, great news hun! I'm going to London, well we're going to London, your fav country! I miss you and your falling *wink* *wink*" I chuckled and Stephan inquired, "That's your boyfriend?" I shook my head, "No." but I secretly wished that he was. Did I just say that? Oops! He said, "Cool. It's good to know a wonderful girl like you is single." I blushed but I mentally slapped myself after.
  7. From what I gathered, Stephan is a big show off. After the meeting, his parents asked, "We're living very far but we've thankfully rented a hotel room which unfortunately has one bedroom so we were wondering if Stephan can stay the night here?" Skylar immediately agreed but my father was hesitant but finally gave in. Stephan looked rather disappointed at my facial expression which kinda showed I didn't want him here. I rushed upstairs, changed into shorts and a tank top. As I came downstairs, I scrolled over to the kitchen sink and I wasn't surprised to see that it was full of dishes. U went to the dining table and cleared all the glasses from there. When I was back at the kitchen, I was even more astonished to see Stephan washing up the dishes. I insisted, "Don't wash the wares. That's just for you to show off you're better than everybody else." These words came out more rudely than I thought. He said, "I don't feel I'm better than everyone else. You shouldn't judge a book by its cover, you've only known me for five hours." Emotionlessly, I retorted, "Well, it's enough to see what a big ego you carry around, talking bout how much girls fawn over you and how much friends you have. We go to the same school Stephan, don't think I don't see you." He looked appalled, "There are just some things you don't know about me." "I don't care Wilde." After he was done, he leaned against the sink, wiping his hand in the kitchen towel. He wore a shorts and I saw his perfectly tanned abs. I vividly remember the first time I met him. He called me a nerd and told me I'll never be able to fit in. Smirking while trying to strike up a conversation, he said, "Well Vi, it's been a while and you've changed. Tell me about yourself." Hm, looking like he was searching for a challenge. I said, "I'm fourteen. My birthday is July 31st and as you know, my mother died so Skylar is my current guardian. I spend my time in the library and I have a passion for writing, singing, dancing and playing musical instruments," "Wow, that's mighty..." "Don't interrupt me," I corrected him and went on, "I play football, volleyball, tennis and basketball. I think cheerleading is crap and I hate being all girly but I have to admit, I have my moments. I'd like to live life to the fullest and I love the saying "˜think like a lady, act like a boss.' My friend, Nathalie told me it and instantly, it became one of my favourite quotes."
  8. His mouth was draped open, trying to say something but no words came out. The temperature in the room changed and Stephan eyes were glued to mines. He looked awestruck. I snapped, "What? Never heard a girl talk before?" He realised he was staring for quite some time so he quitted. Was he staring at my mini-scar? The crescent shaped scar I had on my forehead that no one seemed to notice because my bangs hid it all. We ended up talking about random stuff and celebrities. It was for two hours we were talking so it was 2 in the morning. We were so close to each other that I could hear his heart beating and I'm sure he could've hear mine. He flashed a smile at me and then I saw that he was leaning towards me. Hypnotised by his smile, I did the same. As our lips were about to touch, my phone beeped. "Typical," I heard him chuckle. I hit the view button and it was from Charlie, "I wish that God would hold you tight, that angels would guard you tonight, just to make sure you're alright. I'm gonna blow a special kiss tonight! You're wonderful, Violet Lily Snape and you'll forever remain that way." Awww! That was just the sweetest thing ever. Wait...I was starting to fall for Stephan but honestly, I've always liked Charlie so I'm kind of confused. But I was blushing so fiercely, my cheeks turned as red as blood. Stephan seemed to notice and I immediately realised he was also reading the text, he said, "Honestly, I thought I was beginning to like you but then again, my big headed ego can be misled sometimes." He turned to walk away but I grabbed him by the wrist. His reflexes were fast because he pulled away from my grip. I wanted to explain but I also needed to sort of my priorities. LOL.
  9. I fell asleep reading "˜Matilda' but I got up 4:30a.m. in the morning. I couldn't sleep because my scar was burning me. I dreamt I was walking towards a door. The floor was dark marble and the door has a white sphere in the middle of it. I had no idea what it meant. I decided to read "˜Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find.' It was a fascinating book and it surely extended my imagination on certain creatures. After an hour or so, I found my favourite book "˜The Life Between Magic And Boys.' The author really had a sense of attraction towards her books because over 1 million was sold out in two months. It was said to be that the author starting writing on the internet and one of her friends was writing to a famous billionaire writer who loved the author's book. Amazingggg! I got my robes and headed downstairs. The scent of omelettes and waffles filled the kitchen area. "Ah, breakfast," I simply smiled. Someone had to be up at this time. I sneaked a peak in the kitchen and to my astonishment, Skylar and Charlie were having breakfast together. It was more extraordinary that they were laughing at each other's jokes. As I entered, Charlie beckoned me near him. I mouthed, "Gotta brush my teeth!" He laughed and I went to the washroom. Am I seeing correct? Are they really getting along or was the world ending? I rushed back to the kitchen when I was done. Charlie said, "Skylar here told me that I can leave with you guys for London." Okay, now I comprehend this weird situation. Skylar was being what we call "pretend nice" so Charlie obviously, was following her league.
  10. I faked a smile, "Yeah that's good. But it's 5:30a.m. and you're here. How's that possible?" Charlie almost choked on his eggs (the omelette people! The omelette). He gulped down some juice and carefully replied, "Skylar called me and told me that I can come." Oh...this was all Skylar's idea. Well there's something I need to figure out. She said, "Well, I'll just leave you kids to catch up on things," and left the room. I crushed him into a bear hug when he stood. He said, "You didn't text me back last night Vi." I looked down at my feet and felt astounded, "Oh Charlie, I'm sorry. I got caught up in a difficult situation." Smiling, I noticed his brown hair just blowing in the air-condition(in this case) and his wonderful light brown eyes to match it. He pulled me towards him and whispered in my ear, "I've always liked you Violet." I was crushing inside. I did like Charlie but what happened between Stephan and I last night was special. I said, "I've always liked you too, Charlie." I glanced at the clock, it was 6:30 a.m. What I said was true though. I really liked Charlie. There was no space between us and I could hear his constant breathing. His eyes were looking so attractive and seducing. Our lips locked and I felt sparks, atomic bombs and fireworks in one. It seemed like forever when we broke apart but we didn't break apart because we wanted to. We did because I heard a sharp clear of throat. Oh crap! My dad had caught us.
  11. Okay, I'm done. Thank you for taking the quiz. Sincerely, Aria. Shout outs to: natuhleegayle and TheRecklessBam

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