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Every true anime fan knows about Avatar the Last Aribender. But is it just a show? Is it possible for it to be real? Is there an alternate world that has all of the characters of it?

This story is 100% true. You have come across the Four Nations. And even better: YOU MEET ZUKO!!! Things are a lot different in the real thing than the show. Will you ever decide to leave?

Created by: zukoismylife
  1. You're headin toward your average sized home in Los Angeles. You had just finished school and are heading home. Since you're only a mile away from home, you decide to walk. About half of the way there, you spot an object in the nearby grass. You kneel next to it. It's a black ring with a yin yang on it. The small white hole on the yin yang is pointing upward. You press it back down and hear a clicking noise. Just then, the small black hole in the yin yang pops up. You pinch it with your fingers and turn it clockwise once. It clicks. You turn it three more times, clicking with every turn. You feel a tingle in the back of your neck, telling you that after you turn it the fifth time, something would happen. You leave it alone, but run home with the ring still on your finger. You rush into your room and sit on your bed. You gulp heavily and turn it the fifth time. It clicks, but nothing happens. You press the black hole back into the ring and a flash of purple light appears in front of you.
  2. Sure enough, a seven-foot tall, glowing portal appears in front of you. A humming noise can be heard from the strange doorway. You look behind it and see nothing. It's invisible from the opposite side. You stick your hand in the portal, your hand passed through what seemed like an inch of Jello. But at the end, you feel a small breeze. You step through it cautiously and look back. The portal dissappears. You look around you and find yourself in a small town. A very familiar town. But that's not the weird part, you notice your hands, they a cartoon. So does your environment. You run straight through the street, accidentally crashing into a wooden cart full of cabbages. A skinny, grey- haired man with a green turban-type hat yells at you. "My cabbages!" He screams. You look and see that you completely toppled over his cart, knocking cabbages to the ground. You keep running, leaving the cabbage man yelling and picking up the vegetables. You recognize the man from the popular show you watch sometimes. Avatar the Last Airbender. You screech to a halt and notice you've now entered a forest. You continue walking, and think about your predicament. "No, no, I can't be in this world. Pfft, it's not real." You look down at your ring. "This is YOUR fault, isn't it?" You ask it. No response. You continue walking when you hear a rustling in the bushes behind you and a small growl. You turn back and see a ten-foot tall bear with a beaver tail and a duck's bill. It swings it's webbed paws at you, but you lean back, it barely missing your face. You let out a scream. It swings again, this time, hitting your side, sending you flying to the left, hitting a tree.
  3. It growls happily like: "VICTORY!" and prepares to stike again. Your vision become blurry, but you see flames erupt from in front of the bear. The platypus-bear runs away. A blurry figure runs over to you. All you can tell is that he has dark hair. "Just hang on." He tells you with a familiar voice. He picks you up in his arms and you pass out. What after seems like forever, you wake up on a small, thin matress on a wooden floor. Light shines through a nearby window. The small room has a dresser in the corner. Japanese paintings hang on the walls. You look down and lift your shirt a little. You see bandages wrapped around your waist. You wince, now feeling the pain. A sixteen-year old boy enters the room through a sliding door. He medium sized black hair, amber eyes, and on his left (your right)eye is a scar. He's wearing a familiar Fire Nation shirt, pants, short robe, and pointy shoes. You recognize him now: Zuko. Zuko is holding a tray with two small cups, no larger than shot glasses and a tea pot. "Here, my uncle made this." He said putting the tray on the ground next to you. HE sits next to the tray and studies you. "Those are some really weird clothes." Zuko says smiling. You're wearing a t-shirt that has Tweety Bird on it wearin a black shirt with white letters that says "Chick With Brains". You're also wearing your black jean shorts and blue Vans. "U-uh, I'm not from around here." You stammer. "I've been to all of the nations, and I've never seen that kind of outfit before." Zuko says. "I..." You begin, but a man enters the room. He's weraing an Earth Kingdom robe. You notice he's Iroh, Zuko's uncle. "Ah, do you like my tea?" Iroh asks. "I...haven't tried it yet." You say. Zuko pours you a cup, steam coming from it, the smell of herbs coming from the cup. You never cared for tea, but you take a sip anyways. It actually tastes good, not like anything you'd taste from tea packets.
  4. Iroh smiles and exits the room. You turn your gaze back to Zuko, and see him staring at you. "What?" You ask. "Where are you from?" "California." "There's no such place." "Not in this world." You say under your breath. "Hold're NOT from this world?" He asks. You nod. You try to explain as much as you can about how you got here, and about America. But you decide to leave out that this world was in anime, it would be to complicated. "Wow, I better find you some new clothes." Zuko says, but before you can reply, he rushes out the door. You look outside the window and see a group of men patrolling the street. You remeber who they are: Dai Lee agents. You duck under the window and crawl back to the matress. You drink some more tea when Zuko returns with a pile of clothes. "Here, they're Earth Kindgom clothes." He says handing you the pile. Zuko leaves the room, leaving you to change. You put on green pants, a green tunic(sort of like Katara's) and brown sandals.
  5. "You done?" Zuko asks from behind the door. "Yeah, come in." You say, still trying to fix your sandlas. Zuko enters the room, blinks a couple of times, then smiles. "You look like normal now." He says. "This is just until I figure out how to get home." You say then look at your ring. After you pressed the black hole down, the white one popped back up. You know how to leave, but you don't want to. You notice a small mirror by the dresser that you didn't see before. You walk over to it and see your face. An anime version of you is staring back at you. But the weird part're sixteen! (p.s. If you are already sixteen, the forget I said that. I'm fourteen, so when I came to that world, I became sixteen. Kay?) "Holy..." You say. You turn back to Zuko. He leads you out of the room, down a couple hallways, and through a large door. You're now in some sort of restaurant, Iroh is serving tea to a couple in a nearby corner. Chatter erupts from the room. "We live in the back of the Jasmine Dragon." Zuko tells you. You both sit at a table when Iroh comes up to you. "More tea?" He asks Zuko. "No thanks, we'll be fine." He says. Iroh walks back behind a counter and begins counting coins. "So...where am I?" You ask, even though you know the answer. "Ba Sing Se." Zuko says, then begins to tell you about him and his uncle. The truth is: Aang never was frozen in an iceberg, right now, he's one-hundred and eighteen, lives with the monks in the Southern Air Temple. His father had been put in the Boiling Rock because of trying to take over the world. Zuko's mother, Ursa, and Azula were ruling the Fire Nation. Iroh retired from being General and decided to open a tea shop in Ba Sing Se. Zuko didn't want to be Firelord, so he joined Iroh. The war ended eighty-years ago, and the world has been at peace ever since. Occasionally, Zuko returns to see his mother and sister. Turns out, Azula isn't crazy, she's actually really nice.
  6. "Wow,'re father gave you the scar, right?" You ask. "Yep, tried to tell him that taking over the world wouldn't be a good thing. So he burned me." "That's terrible." You say sympathetically. He looks up at you, smiles, then looks away. Zuko and you go for a walk around Ba Sing Se, just as the sun sets, you both stop at a small fountian, with tiki torchers surrounding the perimeter of the fountain. Zuko lights the candles with his firebending as well as the ones floating in the water. You and Zuko sit on the edge of the fountain when a song gets stuck in your head. What is it?
  7. You and Zuko look around, admiring the light shining off of the fountain, and the gentle brezze blowing on your faces. Zuko turns to you and leans close....CLIFFHANGER!!!
  8. Kays, what do you think you got?
  9. Whaz your fave color combo?
  10. *sigh* one more question....hmmm. Whaz your fav food?

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