My shoutout quiz.

Hello. I'm back with my second quiz. *dramatic music plays* So, it's a..... shoutout quiz. So, if you aren't in it, just coment and i will totally put you in my next shoutout quiz. I'll try to be fast on making my next quiz, since I know I would be impatient waiting for a next quiz. So I don't know what to write. Hmmm.

Ah, yes. Next paragraph. So, I have got allot of shoutouts in my quiz. You might be one of them. I hope you are. If you are not, i am sorry. So, thanks for taking. Please rate, coment, share on facebook, twitter, or tumblr, and just be aware that i am new so my quiz may not be that great. Um, i still do not know what to write. Aha, I've figured out what to write. Please, please take my other quiz. It is called Ultimate Percy Jackson quiz. And only eighteen people have taken it, so please take it. And also, if you don't mind share that one too. Oh, sorry. I am so demanding. Just skip all this lame stuff.

Created by: Jellycupcake

  1. Okay, so first up is, Funniebunnie01.
  2. Second shoutout goes to Pyra Potter.
  3. Next one is....... Violet Potter.
  4. Okay, next one goes to Daughter of Poseidon.
  5. Next up is... User.
  6. Now, for a shoutout for every non-gotoquiz user too young for an acount. Since they can't coment so i can't put them in my next quiz.
  7. Okay, so i hope you will rate, coment, share, and take my other quiz. I also hope you were in the quiz.
  8. Okay guys, see ya. Thank you for taking.
  9. Aww dang. I still don't have enough quesstions.
  10. Oh wait, i did forget one. A shoutout to Lolfun.
  11. Okay, for the last time, goodbye.

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