How Impatient are you?

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Impatient otherwise known as short tempered. Many Impatient people brace are planet causing trouble and just generally being miserable. Either that or their parents spoilt them too much

So you wanna know if you are Impatient. Well then do the quiz and we'll find out won't we please remember to comment and rate ;). No please do I love reading comments

Created by: sammierox1997
  1. You have ordered come items out of the catalouge. You have been waiting 2 weeks now. You ring up and they say it could still be another month. You...
  2. You are going to a party. Your parents are giving you a lift and it starts in 5 minuites and your brother/sister is taking ages. And you are going to be really late. You
  3. You are in the supermarket and each till has a massive queue. You are second in your queue. Until the woman infront has a problem with one of her items so you wait half an hour while they find another one. Then her card rejects so you have been told you'll have to wait another half hour for her husband to bring her other credit card. By now you are really annoyed. What do you say?
  4. Your class are sitting their exam you have all finished except for two people and the teachers has told the class to stay in over break and wait for them. You
  5. You have broken your hand and are sat in the waiting room. You've been sat for 4 hours already. You
  6. Um...Right well. Now you kind of have to wait for me too think of something..8/
  7. Thought of something 8). There is a queue to get into the club. You are very near the back and the person in front is holding everyone up by arguing with the bouncers. You
  8. Some random questions now..(They don't count towards the awnser)
  9. Chilli Pepper or Ice Cream
  10. Done 8D

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Quiz topic: How Impatient am I?