Are you spoilt by your family?

I bet you wonder how spoilt you are. Actually, I bet you don't, but this quiz is here to answer that question anyway! Answer truthfully, and find out how spoilt you are!

Play against other people to see who is the most spoilt. You may learn something about your friends that you didn't know. I doubt it, but you just might. So try this quiz, and find out.

Created by: Kev
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  1. How many Xboxes of any kind do you have?
  2. How many PlayStations of any kind do you have?
  3. How many Wiis do you have? (Do NOT include Wii Us, as that is the next question.)
  4. How many Wii Us do you own?
  5. How many DSs of any type (except 3DS, new 3DS, 2DS and 3DS XL) do you have?
  6. How many of these do you own: 3DS; new 3DS; 2DS and 3DS XL?
  7. Do your parents give you what you want, just by you asking for it?
  8. How many consoles that this quiz HASN'T mentioned have you got?
  9. What bed size do you sleep in?
  10. Do you have at least one brother?
  11. Do you have at least one sister?
  12. Do you have at least three brother and sisters?
  13. How many TVs are in your house?
  14. Do you have a TV in a room that you own?
  15. Does your bedroom have an ensuite?
  16. If you answered YES to the last question, does your ensuite contain a bath? If you answered NO to the last question select SKIP.
  17. Do you think that your parents / carers spoil you?
  18. Do you get a large bag of gifts from your parents / carers at your birthday?
  19. Do you have a mobile phone?

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Quiz topic: Am I spoilt by my family?