It's shoutout time!

Hey! Are you ready for my shoutout quiz? This quiz has people that are awesome. But even if you are not in it, you're still awesome! Just coment and I'll put you in the mext one! I hope you loooooovvvvvvvveeeeeeeee this quiz!

Thank you for taking! I hope you are in it! If you're not and you're supposed to be, let me know and I will put you in the next one. Now just scroll down and read the questions!!!!!! I think I have enough wordy thingys now.

Created by: fluffywaffle
  1. First up is Shadow Hegehog. Shadow, you are very kind to me and talk to me when I'm bored. You're funny and nice and you were my friend since the day I joined.
  2. Next is Hiccstrid. You are funny and awesome! You are such a good friend and you are so nice.
  3. Next is The Coldest Sun. You're fun to talk to and you help me allot, essecially when I'm sad.
  4. Next one goes to Paige. Paige you are sweet and funny. You are a good friend.
  5. Next, a shoutout to dark22978. You are a terrible mod and I hope you get hacked.
  6. Finally my biggest shoutout is to Leif! You're such a great person Leif, you're my favorite user and you're so nice to me.
  7. Will you coment? These questions have no effect on your results.
  8. Did you like this?
  9. **walks away**
  10. No! I have to add more questions.

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