How well do you know Peanut butter gamer

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How well do you know the awesome youtube beast PBG. Why not take this quiz and find out you derp. Put your skills to the test. Warning: very hard quiz

My shoutout to Pbg. Thanks for giving me hours of watching videos and having fun at night when i cant sleep with my ADHD. Jontron quiz also coming soon. Thnx for quizing. Fuzzhawk out

Created by: Fuzzhawk

  1. What game is the month of november dedicated to on his channel
  2. What was his first top 10 published on youtube
  3. What is PBG's ferret's name
  4. What is PBG's real name
  5. What website was PBG part of before it shut down
  6. What game the the completionist do a review with PBG
  7. What is PBG's favorite Zelda Game
  8. What is his side channel called
  9. What game featured " bangalangadooda" by PBG
  10. What is PBG's favorite VG title theme according to his video
  11. What was PBG's first hardcore hardcore video on his other channel
  12. Final question What FPS did he play with jontron on his gameplay channel

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Peanut butter gamer