my shoutout quiz

This is my first shout out quiz on this account. I got to know more people, whatever, now I have many changes of life on GoTo Quiz. If you were not on this quiz, either I don't like you or I forgot about you.

Hello, my name is Alice Liora Dan. My favorite color is purple. I am fourteen years old. My dream home is in Paris. I currently live in Brooklyn New York.

Created by: du99999

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  1. Hiccstrid. You were my very first friend on this site.
  2. Sphinx. Me Hiccstrid and you make a nice group together.
  3. i love planes. When I was Mopthefloor we met in my contest thread and we kind of get along these days.
  4. Rauriisthebest. Whoever kept this account, thank you. This was originally my account and I didn't want to waste it. Thank you for keeping it safe.
  5. 1714. I don't know you but we get along.
  6. Are you ready for the finale??????
  7. PUPPET MASTER 12!!!!!!

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