My shout outs :D

As long as you love me [x3] We're under pressure, Seven billion people in the world trying to fit in Keep it together, Smile on your face even though your heart is frowning But hey now, you know, girl, We both know it's a cruel world But I will take my chances

I'll be your soldier, Fighting every second of the day for your dreams, girl I'll be your Hova You can be my Destiny's Child on the scene girl So don't stress, don't cry, we don't need no wings to fly Just take my hand

Created by: Kirby

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  1. I don't know who to start with.........O_O
  2. I'll start with Bri (twirling lover): DUDE I HAVEN'T TALKED TO YOU IN AGES!!! You haven't been on since the "drama" finished and started. I miss talking to you. You were so nice, cool and plain awesome. Come back on soon, I MISS YOU! D:
  3. Lucy (lucyheartfilla): Another long-time no see :'( Where are you!!! I so miss you! You were so random and nice and funny! Like seriously. I remember the last time I talked to you... I played a prank on you then you got me back XD Our memories were so good!! Please come back... I don't think you ever will, but my memories of you will NEVER FADE!!
  4. Megan (DaughterOfApollo): I LOVE YOU!! XD lol in a friend way. You're my BFF on this website. You're so funny! And nice, and awesome! You're just... GORGEOUS both inside and out. You can kick ass whenever you want and you're just so funny! And, you're one of my besties! :D
  5. Sage: I LOVE YOU TOO MAN!!! :O lol in a friend way again. Again, you're also one of my BFFs/besties. You're funny and friendly. You can defeat trolls and noobs and you're extremely awesome! Oh, and you're also really helpful!! You want to be an actress one day, right? I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!!!! :D Because you are awesome. xD You're one of my BFFs!
  6. Skyler (Skyler Potter): You're also one of my besties! I didn't know you much a few months ago... In fact, I have no idea how we first met XD But anyway, you're really nice and funny! AND JUST PLAIN AWESOME. You're really helpful and understanding to me. I love you in friend way ^.^
  7. Kat: (Katherine078) *throws horse poo at your face* XD Haha, I LUFF YOU in a friend way ^-^ You're awesome and funny! And you're really considerate. You are just SO RANDOM!!! XD luffies.
  8. Jackie: (SWAGGIRL) I luffs you in friend way as well!! XD You don't come on much anymore, but when you do, SWAG FILLS THE AIR!!! XD lol. Anyway, you're really nice and friendly. And cool and nice to talk to you. I hope you come on more!!
  9. Cori (Sports19): Oh gawd! Of course! I LOVE YOU IN A FRIEND WAY. You're just awesome! Anyway, you're nice, welcoming and you are really hilarious! You are also helpful to people!! YOU'RE ONE OF MY BESTIES/BFFS ON HERE AS WELL!!! Luff you cori.
  10. Alex (rockstar98): Heh heh, well how can I start this? You're really awesome and nice. You're probably the only guy on this site that I actually like :O Anyway, you're an awesome friend and I luffies you in friend way ^.^ You're funny and you actually know how to keep calm :))
  11. Bob(barberbob2): Even though we don't talk or aren't particularly close, I just had to add you. SMARTASS XD lol that's a good thing though. You're really intelligent and smart. Also, I have to mention Ting(Carri04): We only talked a few times, but I can see that you're awesome! :D I realized that you know how to keep calm and cool whenever an annoying troll comes along. You seem nice.
  12. Gracie (graceface): HEY GIRL!!!! :D I love you in a friend way! YOU'RE ONE OF MY BFFs/Besties!!! YOU'RE AWESOME. okay, back to the point: You're really really nice, helpful, friendly and FUNNY. Like, really! I can't even remember how we met :P But you're awesome and one of my besties!!! luff ya.
  13. Um... I can't think of anyone else. If I didn't mention, sorreh D: My brain's a bit jumbled up so I can't mention everyone. These people I've talked to/seen in the past few days. ^.^

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