My New Life Part 3

I enjoy death, not suffer from it. HEY PEOPLE OF GTQ! i finally came out with a new chapter of MNL! i hope you like it, AND i decided to expand it a little! HOPE YOU LIKE IT! ~Silver

i enjoy death, not suffer from it. HEY PEOPLE OF GTQ! i finally came out with a new chapter of MNL! i hope you like it, AND I decided to expand it a little! HOPE YOU LIKE IT! ~Silver

Created by: SilverNote13

  1. Recap: I met Blake, And Jake told me he would explain everything after school.
  2. The three of us sprinted down the road to the busstop untill, we saw the bus pass us. "s---" I mumbled to myself. "Come on, i know a short cut!" I started running twords the woods. "The woods? Are your sure Siarra?" Blake asked. "Does it look like i'm sure?" "I can't tell, all i see is your beautyful face." I blushed as i entered the woods with the boys right behind me. "All i need to do is find the path..." I started walking around looking for the path when all of a sudden. I feel a sharp pain in my thigh. I yelped and looked at my thigh and see that a tranquilizer had hit me. Imagin you got drunk for the first time, then times that by ten. That is how i felt. I feel to the ground uncontious.
  3. My eyes flickered open but then squnted as i saw the light. Once my vision cleared up and my eyes got used to the light, i relized i was in a cell-like room, the walls were covered in grey "Where am i?" I wispered to my self as i sat up. Out of no where a girl with strawberry blond hair walked in front of me. she had on a long black dress, but all i could see was her pure, almost glowing, gold eyes. "Hello Siarra." She said calmly. "How do you know my name?" i demanded "You don't need to know that right now. All you need to know is that you have to protect your friends." She smiled. I could see the chaos in her eyes. "What do you mean?" i was confused. She laughed. It was so high pitched that i flinched at it. "You will find out soon."
  4. "What do you mean?" she looked at me straight in the eye " What do you think it means?" I thoght of my friends, Skylar,Emily,And Barbie. I coulden't imagine what would happen. "Let me go and leave my friends be!" she smiled "Can't you see? You are free." i gave her an your-wierd look. she siged and said "Look closer." i did as she told and looked more at my surroundings. It was just then i relized every thing was slightly foggey... i wasen't awake. she saw my expresion change once i soon relized that and said, "It's about time you relized this! Now you must go back. But first. hear me out. Don't trust the one you used to love." and after that, every thing trned white
  5. ** TIMESKIP(when i woak up) ** I heard thunder crack, witch made me jump. Jake laughed and i playfuly punched his arm. 'Since when did he become so friendly? When i first met him... he was so, mysterious.' "I am always like that to new people. i like to get in their head, espestially yours. He gave me his heart melting smile. But then i relized that he answered what i said in my head... my eyes widen. "You just read my mind!" "i know i did." he laughed "B-but how... huh?" i was once again, comfuzzled. "Come on, me and Blake need to show you something." he got up and went downstairs. i got ready bye getting dressed,brush my hair and teeth, then go down stairs.
  6. when i got downstairs, Jake,Blake,And my mom were waiting patiently for me. "oh, Siarra!" she got up and hugged me. when she let go se said "i will be in the kitchen if any of you need me." she smiled and walked into the kitchen. i looked over at the guys. "so you guys telling me whats going on now?" Blake nods. i let out a sigh and said "FINALLY! now, SPILL IT!" the two boys smiled then their faces turned serious. "Well..." Jake began "you are more special than you think Siarra. You have powers." my eyes widen. " P-powers?" jake nodded. "You have elemental powers. witch means you can control the four elements." Blake explained, but Jake chimed in "You also have teleportation and invisability." i was speech less
  7. "I-i know i have these powers but... WHO or WHAT are you trying to protect me from?" Blake and Jake exchanged looks, then Blake responded with, "Julia." the name didn't ring any bells for me "We know you won't know this Julia because she is low key and stays away from us." "Stay away from us?" The boys stiffened. "we had many incidences with her before."there was a hint of bitterness in his voice when he said that but i wanted to know more "What kind of inciden-" i was cut off by Blake leaving the room "nevermind..." i said. There was a long silence untill i broke it "s-so... why dose she want me?" Jake looked at me. "she wants your powers."
  8. "oh... well i'm going to go find Blake if you don't mind." "Not at all." once he said that, i got up and went to find Blake. I was walking to Blake's room(guest room) untill i fell to the ground after bumping into something. i looked up as i was rubbing the back of my head and nitoce it was Blake. I stood up quiclky only to find myself falling. But just as i was falling Blake caught me. i blushed and muttered out a thanks. "no problem." he smiled. "hey, can i ask you a question?" i asked "sure!" "Why did you leave in the middle of my convosation?" he stiffened and said "I don't want to talk about it" "ok...i'm gunna go to bed." he said ok and kissed my cheek. i blushed even more as he walked by. i headed to my room and do my usuall thing. **TIME SKIP (middle of the night)** i was laying there and wondered about what the girl said in my uncontiousness when all of a sudden there was a loud CRASH!
  10. hope you liked it! BYE!

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