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  • Yay! You're back *tackles in a large hug*

    Gosh you have no idea how bored I've been all last week. ( srsly, I just got the WORST haircut on Earth. The lady who did it cut it so short and uneven, and I made the mistake of asking for bangs and I came out looking like freakin Velma from Scooby Doo. Except way worse looking)

    Also, love this! Can't wait for more :)

    • LOL!!!

    • Gosh, trust me, it wasn't too funny. I showed her a picture of Selena Gomez, wanting my hair to look like hers used to (when she had bangs) and I came out looking like Betty Paige (from Pulp Fiction. Don't ask why I ever watched that)

      Then, I got pissed and took her spray bottle and dumped the water all over her hair. Turns out she was wearing a wig. Also turns out she was a he. *blushes in embarrassment *

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