My Little Pony (pt 1)

A lot of people watch My Little Pony, but few put their minds into it. Pegasister and bronies, are them. Earth pony, Pegasus, unicorns, and alicorns.

So, do you want to take this quiz? Test your My Little Pony knowledge know in a few minutes! It won't be more except if you have a bad internet connection. Read your score be happy :) (NOTE : THE QUESTIONS ARE ABOUT THE BODY COLOR OF THE PONIES)

Created by: LovingSchool
  1. The color of Twilight Sparkle
  2. The color of Rarity
  3. The color of Fluttershy
  4. The color of Rainbow Dash
  5. The color of Applejack
  6. The color of Pinkie Pie
  7. The color of Princess Luna
  8. The color of Princess Mi Amure Cadenza
  9. The color of Queen Chrysalis
  10. The color of Discord's statue

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