My Life Story (aka this is really about my life)

If you think your life is hard well why dont you read my story and see if your life isnt as bad as mine. I would really love to see rates and comments.

Please comment and rate. Oh and please take part two its coming soon so yeah. I hope you enjoyed the first one. So yeah im finsh talking. Stay tune for part 2.

Created by: magicmovement

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  1. Ok your name is Diamond Jones some people call you DJ. Your freinds are Julian,Morgan,Aaliyah,Brianna. Well that just a few of them. Well your life was just fine and got a little better, by then bad luck comes and .... well lets get to the story.
  2. One day a boy named Spencer put a note on your desk saying "Do you like me" You answer not even thinking,yes.
  3. Then you find out that he likes you so you two date.
  4. Then the next day everyone tells you that you should date soone that wont break your heart. That when Spencer's best freind Jaquan says that he was going to ask you out.
  5. Your confused because: they are both your best freinds and you dont want hurt them.
  6. You guys get out of school and you, Julian, and Jaquan are go on the bus.
  7. This day you regret so much.(notice the stuff tha are Cap.) JULIAN DARED JAQUAN TO KISS YOU. YOU AND JULIAN ARE FIGHTING JAQUAN,THEN YOU KICK HIS BUTT.
  8. You go home with a huge smile on your face. Thinking tomorrow will be a wonderful day. were wrong...
  9. You and Julian wall in the lunch room and Spener looks at you mad. You walk over and say whats wrong. He says we are over.
  10. You ask why and he says that you kissed jaquan and that you touched his butt.
  11. After that you and spencer decided to be freinds but you love him so much you say no we cant just be freinds.

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