My first shoutout quiz.

Well, it's been 10 months since I've joined this awesome site and I've created a lot of friends here, you guys really play a vital role in my life, so I made a quiz..

Note: the results don't really matter but yeah please rate and comment, it would be great if you did so. I feel really positive about this quiz, thanks :D

Created by: Percie

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  1. Alexander, you're the person I like the most on this site and I'm glad that I have someone like you in my life :D
  2. Sam, you're my irl bestie and I'm glad that we can talk here as well, I love you :)
  3. Adam, I really like talking to you I find you really cute and knowledgeable :3 (+ we live in the same city.)
  4. Kait, you're my chill pill as well and I like helping you and I love you sister XD
  5. Jeeshan, our opinions don't match at some places but like talking to you, it's good to have a GTQ brother like you ^-^
  6. Cody, I like talking to you and you're really nice ^~^
  7. Josh, you're fun to talk to and love your other sides.. ;)
  8. Jozlyn, I havn't really talked to you much but I like your behaviour and I enjoy every time we interact :)
  9. Scarlett, I like talking to you, you seem fun XD
  10. Kelly, havn't talked to you in ages but I really appreciate that you like my poem, it feels great to have a friend like you.

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