Harry Potter Role Play Quiz {Girls Only, Sorry!}

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Hi there! This quiz will tell you what character you would be! (They are not from the books! Sorry! They are characters that I have made up!) There will be a few role play questions too! I really hope you enjoy this quiz! Lots of love!

And in the comments please tell me what you think! You can also tell me things I can improve. And new ideas for another quiz! Thanks again everyone! Bye :)

Created by: Isabelle

  1. You arrive at Hogwarts, excitied to meet new friends, when and blond boy comes up to you and says, "Hm.. New here too? My name is Draco Malfoy." He holds out his hand. What should you say or do?
  2. As the term starts, a boy named Neville starts to seem to gaze at you a lot. One day you feel the need to ask him why. What do you say?
  3. You see Draco hanging out/ dating your best friend, what do you do or say?
  4. The Yule Ball is coming up. Who do you ask?
  5. The Battle of Hogwarts is in action, a death eater comes up to you and you blast him backwards, he quickly gets up and freezes you with a jinx. He removes his mask- ITS DRACO MALFOY!
  6. Who do you end up marrying?
  7. What would you name your child? (Girl)
  8. What would you name your child? (Boy)
  9. How would you die? (This doesn't affect your scores)
  10. Hope you enjoyed this quiz! Have a great day!

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