Hogwarts life quiz (LONG RESULTS)



Created by: Soul
  1. Hellow there!! This is my first quiz, so dont hate to much!! :3 (If you even see my quiz at all lol) So my name is Soul, I'll be your guide today! :)
  2. Okay first question!! :D What house do you want to be in the most?
  3. Which is your favorite class?
  4. Okay moving along... What is your favorite color? (Dont kill me please)
  5. Halfway through already!! Ask a friend how they would describe you;
  6. *ROLE-PLAY TIME* You are walking down the corrider when Snape stops you and says for no reason WHATSOEVER that he's giving you a detention!
  7. At snapes office for detention... In Detention Neville is there too. Snape says he has buissness to attend to, so he leaves you to alone. (BTW when I put these little ~ its your thoughts)
  8. While you are in detention, Snape never gave you instructions for anything to do... So you just sit and twiddle your thumbs?
  9. Okay pretend it was Harry instead of Neville...
  10. Say during that detetion... HARRY KISSES YOU!! 0.o but as he's kissing you Snape comes in and says. "Young lervvvv...." And then hits Harry over the head with a book
  11. Okay role-plays over. Its getting pretty late, and I should go to bed, hoped you liked my quiz!!

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