Your Hogwarts House

Lots of people think they would be in a certain House at Hogwarts, but how do you know? Take this quiz to see if you are really in the Hoyse you think you are in.

Do you think you are in Hufflepuff? Gryffindor, Maybe? Ravenclaw, you are sure of it, right? Are you a 'Slytherin at heart'? Take this quiz, you could be surprised what your real personality is.

Created by: MJ
  1. Do you like the Dark Arts?
  2. Would you want to be one of Voldemort's followers?
  3. Would you die standing up to Voldemort?
  4. Are you loyal to your friends and courageous in dire situations?
  5. Are you noble? Would you opt to be brave and sacrifice yourself?
  6. Would you save your own self by sacrificing other people?
  7. Are you smart and brainy?
  8. What is your ideal Patronus shape?
  9. Do you study day and night?
  10. What's your favorite subject?

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