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Hey i'm Mac. I love listening to songs whenever i'm bored. Music refreshes me. My playlist name is 'HIDDEN PASSION' I have 10 songs in it. And i change my playlist every month.

I like pop music. Sometimes i like rock. I like to listen to indie music bands alot. I singalong when i listen to songs. But, i like to lipsync songs and i do that all the time. Here is my current playlist :

Created by: Macarena

  1. There she goes - Taio Cruz
  2. Time bomb - Kylie Minouge
  3. Call my name - Cheryl Cole
  4. Where have you been - Rihanna
  5. Payphone - Maroon 5
  6. Happy pills - Norah Jones
  7. Down - Sean Paul
  8. Better than i know myself - Adam Lambert
  9. Half of my heart - John Mayer
  10. With ur luv - Cher Lloyd

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