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There are many Roman Catholic people today, do not take seriously about the teachings of their religion. They are busy with worldly things and passions.

This quiz will examine you, on how far you know your Roman Catholic Religion. The questions are easy and basically the simpliest and esiest teachings in the My Catholic Faith Cathecism book. Quiz now!

Created by: Joseph Maria

  1. Any wilful thought, desire, word, action or omission forbidden by the law of God.
  2. What is the destiny of man?
  3. Into how many articles may the Apostles' Creed be divided?
  4. A being that has understanding and free will, but no body, and will never die.
  5. What is God's loving care for us called?
  6. Extraordinary works perceptible to the senses, that cannot be accomplished by the mere powers of nature.
  7. Is God the Author of the Holy Bible?
  8. Is there only one God?
  9. Created spirits without bodies, having understanding and free will.
  10. A creature composed of body and soul, and made to the image and likeness of God.
  11. A grievous offense against the law of God.
  12. An inordinate love of one's own excellence, an excessive self-esteem.
  13. An excessive love for, and seeking after, wealth and other worldly passions.
  14. An inordinate seeking of the pleasures of the flesh.
  15. A supernatural help of God which enlightens our mind and strengthen our will to do good and to avoid evil.
  16. Supernatural gift of God bestowed on us through the merits of Jesus Christ for our salvation.
  17. Situation: A man committed adultery for the first time of his life. Three days later he died without confession. Where would his soul go?
  18. Situation: A 7 year old child watches TV everyday for more than one hour. Before and after he sleeps he does not pray. His family does not care the responsibilities of their religion. One day the child die but with Exrtreme Unction by a priest who was contacted by her god-parents. Where would the soul of the child go?

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