My All Time Favorite Songs

So I named some of my favorite songs of all time which these are only half of them since I have about 200 something songs on my mp3 player!!!! I mean who doesn't love music its a part of life and reflect on how we feel!!!!!!!

So are you ready to take this very first quiz I made? If not then still take it anyways I make another one just like this except it might be a little bit different! Oh yeah, rate and comment this too please for me!?

Created by: GreenDayFreak
  1. Who sings "Owner of a Lonely Heart?" (Sorry about the 80's music but I love it!)
  2. Who sings "American Idiot?"
  3. Who sings "Midlife Crisis?"
  4. Who sings "What The Hell?"
  5. Okay, this one is seriously gonna be easy. Who sings "21 Guns?"
  6. Who sings "Thrashed and Scattered?"
  7. Who sings "Land Down Under?" (I'm sorry about the other 80's music!)
  8. Now I'm putting some songs that probably nobody has heard of. Who sings "Song?"
  9. Who sings "Cheer It On?"
  10. Who sings "Blinded In Chains?"
  11. Okay two more questions you're almost done! Who sings "Extraordinary Girl?"
  12. Okay last question! Who sings "What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse?"
  13. I'm sorry if this quiz was hard but hey it was my first quiz!

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