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  • Haha Well I only knew one and that was Not Afraid lyrics. It's because I only listen to rock/metal/ some country/ ect. I don't like pop/rap/ ect because it sounds bad. It's almost always the same sounding stuff over and over again. Don't start getting mad at me because I'm posting my opinion. I had a good laugh at myself. I wanted to try it.

  • Thank's for your comments
    Thisismyq uiz you must be a lucky guesser!

    I'm not mad, people have their own opinions, and I respect the majority of them.

  • I got 100%, yup music makes up most of my life! Although Im a bigger fan of rock and heavy metal, I know a lot of pop and rap too.

  • Got 50% and I was just guessing except for one question....

  • I missed number 6! Boo humph oh wellz. :D


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