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music music that is really all you need to know if you want to take this quiz!!! ;) but the questions are easy and take it if you have free time on your hands or if you're bored like i am right now when i made it. hey we have something in common!

all the results tell the truth and the questions are easy and the very last question is a movie question but i just put it in there because i couldnt think of anymore and i hate having to type the stupid directions like people dont know how to take a quiz.

Created by: Jessica

  1. Which singer sings the famous hit "Don't You Think I'm Sexy??"
  2. Who sings the original "I Love Rock n' Roll"
  3. What was Nirvana's biggest hit??
  4. Stupid question, so if you dont get it right i will come to your house and haunt you. What was Elvis's nick name?
  5. Pick the song by ACDC
  6. Now for the more recent songs. Which singstress sings "Ain't No Other Man"
  7. Which pop sensation sings "Everybody Makes Mistakes"
  8. Which disney singer is dating Zac Efron?
  9. Which is an utter disaster???
  10. Ok, last question, but it's about movies. But whatever I couldnt think of anymore music ones. Which movie was the biggest hit of '07?

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