Music Chords Quiz

Please read the Directions carefully. This test will test your knowledge on music chords and some theory. A lot of it was gone over in class. If you payed attention you should do fine. Don't watch the clock too often and do your best

Again, please read the directions carefully and don't waste to much time on one question. Try to work quickly but at the same time try your hardest. Hope you studied!

Created by: Kaips

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  1. Music is a package of Tones, Rhythms, and.....
  2. A combination of three or more notes played together is called a...
  3. How would you notate a major triad?
  4. What is the scale degree name for the second tone in a musical scale?
  5. Why do major and minor chords sound different to a listener?
  6. What determines if a chord is major or minor?
  7. How many flats are there in the key of Eb?
  8. Which way to notate a C major chord is NOT correct?
  9. How many notes are in one chromatic scale?
  10. In the first inversion of an F Minor Chord, what interval is there between the top two notes?
  11. As G#min is enharmonic to Abmin, B#Major is enharmonic to what chord?
  12. Name the notes in the following chord: Gbaug
  13. How do you build a Diminished Chord?
  14. Some music theorists call this extended chord a basic chord type because it is so commonly used. What kind of chord am I?
  15. How many basic types of Seventh chords are there?
  16. Which is the correct Way to notate a B Major 7th chord?
  17. What are the notes in an A#min7 chord?
  18. The C Major sixth chord contains the same notes as what other chord?
  19. The notes F#, A, C#, E, A, create what chord?
  20. Extended chords typically add in _______.
  21. When you see a chord notated with a parenthesis after the basic chord, you automatically know it is a what?
  22. A chord structured 1-4-5 is called....
  23. A Power chord is sometimes called an open chord. Why is this so?
  24. Which of the following is NOT true?
  25. What chord is this based on the note names E, G#, B, D?
  26. What is the purpose of Inverting the Chords order? specifically for piano players.
  27. What are the note names in the following chord: Cm(Maj7)
  28. The circle of fifth uses which type of seventh chord?
  29. The relative minor key of Abmaj is...
  30. Which of the following is not the correct way to notate the chord containing the following notes: Eb, G, Bb, D

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