Musculoskeletal System: Upper Limb

We have done anatomy of the upper limb and spent so much time on it as a matter of fact. Come and see if you are hot in this course or if you are just superficial in knowledge.

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  1. A 21 year old patient has a lesion of the upper trunk of the brachial plexus (Erb-Duchenne paralysis). Which of the following is the most likely diagnosis
  2. If the thoracoacromial trunk were ligated, which of the following arterial branches would maintain blood flow?
  3. The clavipectoral fascia is penetrated by which artery?
  4. In lymphatic drainage of the breast, the major portion (about 75%) enters eventually into which group of nodes?
  5. Which of the following muscles is able to do the following: (1) flex the metacarpophalangeal joint and extend the interphalangeal joint of the ring finger, and (2) adduct the ring finger?
  6. The prognosis in breast cancer is poorer as more proximal lymph nodes are found to have cancerous cells in them. Spread of cancer to which of the following axillary nodes would indicate the worst prognosis?
  7. A patient with a severely damaged radial nerve in the spiral groove of the humerus eventually experiences which of the following?
  8. A patient is unable to flex the proximal interphalangeal joints as a result of paralysis of which of the following muscles?
  9. A bullet strikes a murder suspect, who is involved in a gun fight with a police officer, in the arm, injuring the median nerve. Which of the following signs is most likely to be present?
  10. Which of the following groups of nerve intimately related to a portion of the humerus and can most likely be affected by fractures of humerus
  11. During a fight a man is stabbed in the lateral chest beneath the right arm. The wound does not enter the chest cavity. Physical examination reveals that the vertebral border of the patient's scapula projects posteriorly and is closer to the midline on the injured side. On return visit the patient complains that he cannot reach as far forward as he could before the injury. The nerve injured which caused these symptoms is the:
  12. This artery and vein pierce the clavipectoral fascia.
  13. The brachial plexus lies just anterior to this muscle:
  14. Damage to the ulnar nerve at the elbow likely results in paralysis of which of the following muscles?
  15. The muscles that form the floor of the cubital fossa are torn. Which of the following groups of muscles has lost function
  16. A man is unable to hold typing paper between his index and middle fingers because an injury to which of the following nerves?
  17. Occlusion of the radial artery just distal to its origin is most likely to cause which of the following conditions?
  18. A woman is unable to move the metacarpophalangeal joint of her ring finger. Which of the following pairs of nerves are damaged?
  19. If the brachial artery is ligated at its origin, the profunda brachii artery would receive blood from which of the following arteries?
  20. In a patient with carpal tunnel syndrome, which of the following conditions most likely occurs?
  21. A lesion of the lateral cord of the brachial plexus most likely leads to paralysis of which of the following muscles?
  22. Questions 22-26. A 17 year old boy suffers a fracture of the shaft of the humerus as the result of an automobile accident. Which of the following nerves is most likely damages
  23. As a result of this fracture, the cell bodies in which of the following structures undergo degenerative changes?
  24. Following this accident, the patient has no cutaneous sensation in which of the following areas
  25. Which of the following arteries may be damaged?
  26. After this accident, supination is still possible through contraction of which of the following muscles

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