99 bottles of my tears on a wall 99 bottles tears by the of this song i will sleep i must hope this is all getting boring now i hate 150 more then 100 right now dude -_- *** time sucks slep slerip yhn eti efgt

th k l '' lha i am so sore left calf sorry right hurts so much and my as*** does too need more letters grrr gtq why must you rewen my sad life huh? 150 yet nope oh wait yay now bye guy forever lol ok maybe not forever but i don't know till nexts time

Created by: Beautiful Games

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  1. Hey guys just to let you know Midnight Love (Part 17) is out apparently I wrote my wrong so it didn't link to my account 8l
  2. All you need to do is type it in the search bar and bamb its there
  3. I'm no longer writing on here anymore sorry guys
  4. I am addicted to wattpad now
  5. They let you curse which i do alot 8)
  6. btw special shout out to coolava i still remember im sorry i am answering you 2 month's later
  7. my username on wattpad is beautifulgames1 for the sequel to this series
  9. I hope you guys will read Morbid Love it's the sequel

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