Movie I.Q. Test

There are all types of movie buffs. People who CLAIM to know "a lot about the movies" and people who REALLY know about the movies -- Hollywood history, the "makers and shakers," the Academy Awards, the names of ALL the players in a movie.

Think you're a true movie buff? There are all types with various levels -- do you know the real actors names? Do you know who won what Oscar-wise? Take this Movie I.Q. Test and find out.

Created by: Joe of Bug
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  1. Which movie have you seen the most times?
  2. Which Julia Roberts movie is your favorite?
  3. Which animated movie is your favorite?
  4. "Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy night." is a quote from which movie?
  5. What, do you think, was the best movie sequel?
  6. Which scary movie, do you think is best?
  7. What performance was the best?
  8. Which comedy have you seen the least amount of times? If there is more than one movie you have not seen select the one you least desire to see.
  9. Which of these Tom Cruise films is your most favorite?
  10. What novel that became a movie have you read? If there's more than one, pick your favorite.
  11. Which drama do you think is best the best movie?
  12. What thriller do you think is the best movie?
  13. Which 2006 movie do you think is best?
  14. What movie do you think SHOULD have won best picture at the 2007 Academy Awards?
  15. What movie are you most likely to own?
  16. Which Quentin Tarantino movie do you think is best?
  17. Which Vince Vaughn movie do you think is best?
  18. Who gave the best performance as a real person?
  19. Which is your favorite romantic comedy?
  20. Which coming-of-age movie do you think is best?
  21. Which Kevin Bacon movie do you think is best?
  22. "In the future, when a woman's crying like that -- she isn't havin' any fun" is a quote from which movie?
  23. Which movie won Meryl Streep an Oscar?
  24. Oprah Winfrey got her movie career start in which film?
  25. Nicolas Cage was in all of these films EXCEPT:
  26. Which Holly Hunter movie is your favorite?
  27. Which movie classic do you think is best?
  28. Jane Fonda has been nominated for an Academy Award 7 times; she won twice "Klute" and "Coming Home") For which film did she not get nominated?

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