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This quiz is your application to Monsters University! Relax and answer honestly. Take all the time you need. There is no rush! If you make it in we're so happy for you to be at MU.

Take the application quiz and see if you made it in! There is 13 questions you need to answer. It's multiple choice. So sorry if you don't make it in. (This is a joke)

Created by: Monsters University

  1. What do you do if you get troubled with your talents/features?
  2. Do you need to take all of your time to fix a problem that can come up in life?
  3. Do you care about MU?
  4. Do you do your school work seriously?
  5. Do you have any monster ability's?
  6. If a fellow classmate is struggling do you not help at least a little bit?
  7. Should ability's be important and necessary?
  8. What is more important for the school? Scaring or Hanging with Friends.
  9. Do you think MU is important for life skills?
  10. Will you be ready for what MU has to offer?
  11. What is our deans name?
  12. What is school we have here?
  13. Can you be anything you want to be if you study hard and make the right choices for you?

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