Monster Squad Monster Test

This quiz is for lovers of classic universal monster movies of the 1930's, forties and fifties. Not the modern stuff mind you but the originals. Remember this is for fun!

This quiz is also for members of the cult of Monster Squad (1987). Test your brain power Jerk-oids, this won't be that hard for you! Dust off a few brain cells and give it a try!

Created by: Robert Hindman
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  1. How do you kill a vampire?
  2. How do you stop a werewolf?
  3. Is Frankenstein the name of the monster or his creator?
  4. What is used to reanimate the mummy?
  5. Why does the wolfman wear pants?
  6. Where does the mummy come from?
  7. Name a member of the members of the monster squad.
  8. How can you protect yourself from a Vampire?
  9. What is in Dracula's coffin?
  10. When does a man/woman become a werewolf?

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