Monkey do, Kipling who?

Kipling is a well known company, in this test I would like to see what people actually know about This company, because I'd like to see who has got an awesome set of reseach skills!

Are you a true monkey? Have you got what it takes to become a Kipling expert? We'll see about that! Take the test and see if you truely are the monkey you think you are!

Created by: Nicolas

  1. In which country was Kipling founded?
  2. What animal does Kipling use for a logo
  3. When was the company founded
  4. In which nation did Kipling start it's First international store
  5. Are there any Kipling sales points in the USA?
  6. True or false : The names given to the furry monkeys are taken from actual employees
  7. Kipling sales points can be found in
  8. What's Kipling's Financial status like?
  9. Kipling is part of which bigger company?
  10. How many Kipling bags were sold in 2009?

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