MLP Second Generation: Starling's Tale, Origin Chapter

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So, I made the prologue, and you know Twilight Sparkle's school of friendship? Well this is sorta like this, but second generation. However, I'm trying not to use Twilight as a teacher. IDK, I'll see.

So, to understand this story fully, you need to have seen the my little pony episodes, and watch the my little pony movie. You don't have to, but you'll under stand more. Inspiration of the day: Even though the sun comes up, the moon doesn't always come down...

Created by: Houndlover

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  1. I, too, was. Once a blank blank, teased for having no cutie mark. Yet.
  2. “Starling can’t sing like her mother!” A bully teased.
  3. “I can too!” I shot back.
  4. “Then do it.” He sneered.
  5. My whole school gathered around. By this time, Photoflash had pulled out her camera, and was recording live. She was the daughter of a tv reporter, and her cutie mark was for recording things.
  6. Photoflash handed me a microphone. I took a deep breath.
  7. I opened my mouth to sing, but nothing came out.
  8. “Blank blank can’t sing!” The whole school started laughing.
  9. They were laughing so hard, the couldn’t hear the words “I know you, you're a special one. Some see crazy where I see love,”
  10. When the crowd calmed down a bit, they could hear a small voice singing beautifully. “You fall so low but shoot so high. Big dreamers shoot for open sky,”
  11. They started looking around, to see who was singing.
  12. “So much life in those open eyes. So much depth, you look for the light,” The voice said. It was growing louder with confidence.
  13. “But when your wounds open, you will cry. You'll cry out now and you'll question why,” What song was it? Why was it hard to make out clearly?
  14. “I can see a rainbow! In your tears as they fall on down,”
  15. They found the singer.
  16. Around the pony, was a big light. She went into the air, however, not flying.
  17. When she came back down, she had a cutie mark. Of a microphone.
  18. It was Starling Serenade.
  19. So, chapter 1 will be out sometime on June 3rd, 2019
  20. Bye!

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