mj mastermind! quiz

how much do U know about the one and only MICHAEL JACKSON! ahh!arent u excited? but remember even if u arent a major fan mj appreciates u anyway! and mj loves all his fans no matter what a stupid quiz says! it doesnt matter try yur best!

do u have the mj knowledge and skill level for this quiz! well get ready my quiz is ready for any threat that comes along! hope ur ready for this! because its totally ready for u!!!!!!!

Created by: SWAGGIRL

  1. in what year was michael jackson born?
  2. was he married wen he died?
  3. how old was jackson wen he got famous and where did ppl see his true talent?
  4. what is his middle name?
  5. how many kids does he have?
  6. whos daughter did mj marry?
  7. what time of day did he die?
  8. whats all his siblings names?
  9. whats his mom and dads name
  10. what is his bet selling album?
  11. how old was he wen he died?

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