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Hello to all you Percy Jackson fans! me included this is where i got the idea for this quiz your name is Abigail Breeze and whats this your a demigod!!!! YAY more!!

this is a story not a quiz so no matter what you answer it will not change the result! but please still check it out! :) it would help ever so and i hope you enjoy!

Created by: Grapejuice
  1. It was another boring day in math class as you listened to the teacher droning on and on and on you couldn't help but think I wish something exciting would happen!
  2. Suddenly out of nowhere a huge bull or was that a man? you weren't sure but at that moment your friend Sarah jumped in front of you and out of nowhere pulled a magic sword. you stared mouth open as she fought the beast! however at that moment the Minotaur threw a desk and it caught you upside the head as you fell into unconsciousness your last thoughts where next time i'll take a boring math class i don't think i can survive an exciting one...
  3. when you woke up you where greeted by your friend Sarah but you weren't in school, or anywhere you recognized. then all the events of before hit you! you remembered everything you blurt out "what happened! why am here?! why?! what? who? where? when? how?!" Sarah laughed and said "one question at a time please!" finally after a lot of explaining you figured out that you where a demigod and that all those Greek stuff you loved to read about was true!
  4. You had always been interested in Greek mythology so you knew everything there was to know! and that was going to help you. as Sarah showed you around you she explained a lot more "You'll be claimed eventually, when your godly parent is ready then a sign will be sent to you!" you where worried that the sign would not come and they would say sorry this is all a mistake! and kick you out. then Sarah asked "Who's your parent?" you are surprised but say "My mom.." she never lets you finish because she then says "your godly parent would have to be either Zeus, Poseidon, Hermes , Apollo, Dionysus, Ares,or Hephaestus" as she shows you to where you will be waiting until you are claimed you think
  5. You are to be bunking with the Hermes kids as you enter the cabin you hear snickering and notice a very thin tripwire at the last minuet you sidestep it and the Hermes kids all look crestfallen! you try not to laugh, then a handsome boy comes up to you "Hi i'm Sam i'll be your counselor until your claimed!" he flashes you a smile and helps you settle in. after dinner you relax and get some rest
  6. The next day Sarah tolled you that you would be doing capture the flag since you had not been claimed yet you where gonna be with the Hermes kids, Apollo kids, and Athena kids. Sadly for you Sarah was in the Hephaestus cabin so you would be versing each other! as you and everyone else planned you felt a strange sensation. however at that moment a tall brown haired boy stepped up to you and said "Hey I'm Chester from the Athena cabin! come on you'll be on my patrol!" as you got into position, the feeling began to grow you tried pushing it down but it didn't help Chester must have noticed you grimacing because he said "hey don't worry! no one ever gets seriously hurt!" but at that moment Capture the flag began! you where doing well your patrol had moved around more than half of the field already and where almost at the flag, when the Ares kids noticed you. the charged you but before they could do anything the ground erupted around you a wave of jewels and bones of dead people and animals shot forth. they circled you and created a hazy blur until after a few seconds they exploded out and hit several demigods not enough to kill or injure but it would most certainly leave mark! everyone stopped and stared at you, the campers where in shock then Chiron came bounding in and announced "it seems that Abigail has been claimed! Before us we have a daughter of Hades." Everyone gasped and backed away even the Ares kids seemed a little unsettled.
  7. The game ended right there and then Sam and Chester helped you move your stuff though everyone else (except Sarah) Kept their distance from you. you thanked the guys and sat alone in your cabin. Hades was one of your favorite gods but it looked like nobody would want to be near you let alone be friends with you! frustrated and sad you put on fresh clothes and went out for a walk, ignoring the glares and frightened stares that people gave you, you kept walking grumbling as you went.
  8. until part two! did you enjoy this so far and am i a good writer?
  9. I rigged the above!!!!! mwa ha ha ha ha!!! anyways will you rate and comment (p.s this is also rigged)
  10. Par two will be out as soon as possible thank you for taking this quiz/story

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