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In my opinion, KFC is a great place if you want to eat some delicious chicken, and I'm sure a lot of you feel the same way. But what do you know about the company?

You like KFC? You enjoy the spicy Chicken they have to offer? You can eat a whole bucket filled with KFC food? Then this quiz is for you! You like eating KFC? Now proof that you also know what you eat.

Created by: Alexander de Leeuw

  1. Which European country does not have a KFC?
  2. In how many countries and territories can you find a KFC restaurant?
  3. What item can you buy in the [no urls] online shop?
  4. In which state is the KFC Corporation based?
  5. Who is KFC's founder?
  6. What was the name of the first KFC?
  7. What meal is not on the KFC menu.
  8. KFC.com also offers the visitors an option to view recipes. What recipe is not on this site?
  9. KFC is owned by YUM Brands,the world's largest restaurant company. What restaurant is not owned by YUM Brands?
  10. KFC encourages children to stay fit with the 'Keep Fit Challenge'. If you collect the Keep Fit Challenge points found on KFC Kids Laptop Meal Boxes you can trade them in for rewards. What reward can you get with 10 points?

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