Minecraft story mode S.2 Ep.1

going back to "the games" hosted by otto harper and em. descovering what happend to the gaves over months. "Promiset they would stay good forever that promuse did not last long. returnal from enemys a secret item that holds power oh swich bodys that can all change.

hi guys this is season 2 of minecraft story mode last season there were 5 episodes well this season will have more the episodes are just a little bit shorter i hope you all enjoy episode 1 of season 2

Created by: moonwatcher

  1. "cmon lukas we have to hurry" rushed jesse. "its not that importent that we are going back to the games"replied lukas. "yes it is i cant wait to see what otto, em and harper have done to the place"jesse said. she put the enchanted flint and steal into an ender chest. "you have the atlas right lukas?"asked jesse. "ya and i have the other ender chest too"he answerd.
  2. they both gatherd everything they needed and left the tree house. later on when they had reached the portal hallway lukas pulled out the redstone heart. "this thing still gives me nightmares" lukas laughed. "not me" jesse said confedently. she took the redstone heart out of lukas's hand and put it into the hole causeing the stairs to open. " do you remember back at pamas when you didint save me and you thought i died you were crying so hard" lukas giggled
  3. jesse and lukas continued to walk up the stairs. "if you want to hear a story then i got one in once upon a time in sky city a guy named lukas got beat up by his weak enemy and fell into a bottomless pit then the hero jes-"said jesse. "you dont need to say anymore"lukas interupted. they got to the stairs and saw the door that led to the games. lukas opened the door. "ummm you first" he said
  4. "ok whatever you say" said jesse with sarcasum. she grabed lukas and pushed him threw the door first. they both ended up in the neather with loads of people mining for jewals. "wait why are we in the neather"lukas questined. they both continued to walk threw a long hallway pf people mineing. "look theres em" wisperd jesse. they both ran over to em. "Em what the heck is going on"lukas asked. "oh well harper and otto decided that they wanted to start having people mine again for the diamonds and if possibly someone can get 7 diamonds in the day for the rest of the day is off" em explained
  5. jesse and lukas staired at each other. "could you take us to see harper or otto please em?" jesse asked. em led jesse and lukas over to a room for some reason on the wall there was a picture of mevia and hadrian. "strange" lukas said. "hello there jesse remember me!". "HADRIAN!" jesse yelled. but it was only otto. "haha you catch on real fast bucko"said otto. "it is me hadrian i am otto now!"said otto.
  6. "wait what i am so confuesd"said lukas. "oh it was easy after you banished me and mevia to the land of chicken sized zombies or zombie sized chicken i descoverd a strange object that let me go into the body of others right now i could go into the body of blondie over there"explained hadrian\otto. lukas took a step back. "what about harper?"asked jesse. "well i made her go work in the mines and now your next" said hadrian
  7. "RUN" yelled jesse. "wait what is happening"lukas turned around and began to run. when they both got away safly lukas pulled jesse into a building. "we should be safe in here plus theres a bed here"lukas smiled. "but there is only one"jesse said' "welp you've got the couch"lukas sighed. "the couch is made of wood tho"jesse explaind. "so is the bed, now good night"lukas dorfed of into sleep
  8. jesse walked over to lukas's bed and brock it. "oww what was that for"lukas moaned. "its either we both get a bed or nobody gets a bed now go sleep on the table" jesse pointed to 2 wood blocks. "you are evil did you know that" lukas rolled his eye's. after a long uncomfortable night with lukas talking in his sleep jesse waked up in a dark room that seemed to be a closet.
  9. "oh great what happend why am i in here, oh forget it i need to bust my way out of here"jesse told herself. she put down a crafting chest and crafted a button then she put it at the side of the door. then she saw lukas walking down the hall. "lukas what happend last night how come i was in there"jesse asked. lukas dark brown eyes stared at jesse. "how did you ge-"lukas bumped into a wall. "OW MY FACE"lukas said. jesse looked at lukas in confuseon. "what are you looking at bucko"said lukas
  10. "wait wait lukas since when do you have brown eye's"jesse asked. "ive been wearing contacts"lukas hesitated. "hmmm lukas do you remember that time that maya pushed you of the edge?"jesss asked. "oh yea yea i remember that like it was yesterday" lukas ackwardly giggled. "WRONG BEACUSE THAT NEVER HAPPEND" jesse yelled. "wow you sure figured that out fast"
  11. "its you hadrian but what are you doing in lukas's" jesse said descusted. "well i needed to find a way to get closer to you and i have this very intresting book too"hadrian explainded. "wait what are you doing with lukas's journald"jesse asked. why reading it of course finding out your weakness's"hadrian said. "well ive got to go think of a good plan" said hadrian. "WAIT if you are lukas then who is lukas"jesse asked. "probally some random dead person or animal"hadrian explained. "NOW I MUST GO!"said hadrian. he desiperd into thin air. "OINK OINK" a strange voice came from outside the door. jesse slowly walked to the door and opened it.

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