Mindless Quiz !!

you are mindless thats what matters i dont feel like writing alot but this is margaret and i love the mindless behavior this is margaret songz soukeyna i knoe you and your last name is mbaye

what is mindless something about being yourself and expressing your style and errthingg well you are mindless im bored right now so i dont got anything else to say so bye

Created by: Margaret

  1. How old are Mindless Behavior Boys ?
  2. What is Roc-royal's favorite food ?
  3. when is Prodigy's Birthday?
  4. Which Mindless Boy was not born in L.A ?
  5. What song is this: "i see you shawty all by yourself over there it's, Ok i know your scared but this here is a Party so let's get downnn."
  6. What song is this : "Listen shawty it winter time, better button up try to keep warm errbody cuppled up"
  7. How many ablum do they have out ?
  8. What's Princeton favorite place to go ?
  9. When is Roc-Royal's Birthday and What's his Real name ?
  10. How many boys are in Mindless Behavior Group ?

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